Mindset Reloaded

Unchaining the strategic potential of human creativity is the key to unlock the doors for a better Future

Instead of complaining we need companies (lots of them) that count on their employee's creativity and passion. They need to trust them to develop ideas that, even if they seem far out, enable us to get a handle on today's challenges - and after all, help us to build an innovative and sustainable future.



JobsTalk play is based on principles like radical truth, radical transparency, ongoing communication, real self-determination, purpose and genuine recognition for people's achievements. The prerequisite for working in accordance with these principles is that all employees are familiar with the Jobs-To-Be-Done their company stands for. Based on this deep understanding of purpose and sense, employees are free to commit themselves to specific Jobs-To-Be-Done according to their individual skills and convictions.

JobsTalk play thus creates a corporate culture that is difficult to imitate and also a world of innovation excellence driven by purpose, respect and a much deeper sense than usual.




The overall complexity of the play-approach requires software support. The APP ComPass is the core system for the user's day to day life & work. It supports all 7 methodology-patterns and makes them easy to apply and use.

From the users point of view the ComPass APP

  • is used for guidance purposes ("Compass"),

  • serves as single-point communication platform ("Com") and

  • the personal work & life manager (Jobs-To-Be-Done-Portfolio, workload management, task manager) = "Pass"

Pattern 1

Familiar with the company's purpose

The company's objectives and purpose are represented in the form of jobs-to-be-done. The emotional, social and functional dimensions are thereby made tangible in the particular context.

Pattern 2

Driven by inner motivation and enthusiasm

Which of the Jobs-To-Be-Done an employee is enthusiastic about depends on his personal talents, desires or skills. Genuine self-determination means that all employees can decide themselves which Jobs-To-Be-Done they would like to be particularly involved in.

Pattern 3

Destination known

According to the chosen Jobs-To-Be-Done, the employee is assigned tasks, which always focus on the Job-To-Be-Done, personal talents, concerns and skills of the employee.

Pattern 4

Purpose-driven communications and decisions

Whenever communications take place, they must never lose their direct reference to a specific action and purpose. No matter how many people are involved in the communication and/or decision-making process.

Pattern 5

The perfect workload?

Human performance is not a constant. Too much workload becomes a permanent burden and makes you sick. With JobsTalk play employees have the possibility to shape their workload themselves.

Pattern 6

Courage to disclose problems

JobsTalk play is also based on the concept of radical transparency in dealing with problems; because only problems that are well known can be solved. The direct communication of problems is seen as an asset in this concept.

Pattern 7
You're getting something back!

Motivated by sense of purpose

The incentive system in JobsTalk is based on points. A new feature is the Marketplace, where the points can be spent. Here, too, purpose, recognition and money are considered equivalent currencies. For example, it is possible to save and invest points for self-defined social projects. The "savings goal" provides motivation based on purpose.