Discover the potential impact of Jobs-To-Be-Done on your business

Jobs-To-Be-Done is more than just a theory, it is an innovative mindset with a deep desire to understand the progressive thinking of its customers. We believe that everyone is passionate about something, and it is this passion that companies must utilize to develop and deliver a credible corporate purpose.

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How could a first step look like?

The Jobs-To-Be-Done Check provides the opportunity to evaluate the cornerstones of a new or existing innovation project in a fast and pragmatic way. It's about finding answers to questions like: How unique am I really? Do I have the right vision? Do my customers really need what I intend to do? Do I have the perfect team for what's about to happen?


Expected Results

In an increasingly complex business world, in a world that is reaching its limits, more and more companies are asking themselves whether and how they should consolidate or expand their position in an increasingly radical game, whether they should change their strategy, and if so, how?

By the end of the workshop you will have an outline of potential fields of action in terms of
  • the position of your company from a Jobs-To-Be-Done perspective

  • possible approaches that your company can take to claim its current position in market

  • where the Jobs-To-Be-Done approach will result in changes to your organization


Contents of the Workshop

Day 1 (9 am - 6 pm)
  • Introduction / Objectives of both days

  • Discussion of the current economic situation / goals / challenges

  • Assessment Part 1a: Resource Codes - Assessment and evaluation of existing resources

  • Assessment Part 1b: Resource Codes - Analysis of the current business model, identification of potential business models based on the resource codes analysed in Part 1a

  • Assessment Part 2: Vision Board - brainstorming on potential visions/objectives based on the results of Part 1a and 1b

Day 2 (9 am - 5 pm)
  • Introduction to the Jobs-To-Be-Done-Theory

  • Assessment Part 3: Job Discovery - Development of candidate Job-Statements based on the results of Parts 1a, 1b and 2

  • Assessment Part 4: New Value Network - What should the new decision-making structures be like to comply with the JTBD

  • Assessment Part 5: Team Power - how do you assess the strengths of your team from a JTBD perspective and what "line-up" do you go for the next match?

  • Wrap-Up / discussion / questions / opinions

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