JobsTalk Challenge
5-step approach to get Innovation Projects on track

Innovation is a constant battle - but nothing about Luck

Most Companies - more or less - struggle with getting a systematic and promising handle on Innovation and Disruption. To get on course, we recommend a 5-step approach which works for almost any kind of Innovation Projects.


This is how it works

60 day mission

5 steps to get an Innovation Project on track 






ipadPDThe Mission's Goal

By the end of a JobsTalk project, the company's teams are able to communicate and work virtually autonomous or in interdisciplinary groups. The goals are clear (Jobs-To-Be-Done), everybody is familiar with the route, skills are utilised in an optimum way. Manager's new mission is to provide impulses where the team follows an idea, that is not really desired in the way it is implemented.

Power Designer

The PowerDesginer was especially designed to unite the 5 steps of the explore phase in an integrated and easy-to-use collaboration software.

Step 1

Resource Codes

Almost every company has skills that competitors cannot imitate without getting in trouble. Step 1 focusses on these considerable capabilities and skills which - combined and bundled with the most promising types of business models - result in your company's unique resource code.

Step 2

Vision Board

Step 2 is about how to develop really groundbreaking and feasible ideas for innovative products and procedures. Therefore a vision board - which can be described as a collage of images, goals and longings - serves as a constant source of inspiration and motivation for a purpose driven brainstorming.

Step 3


Customers are always trying to get a job to be done. Any product or solution has to go hand in hand with the customer's longing for progress. Imagine progress as the twin of a Job-To-Be-Done. Considering that, it's an absolut necessity to know your customer's Jobs-To-Be-Done inside out. Stop believing in the silver bullet - the decoding of Jobs-To-Be-Done is hard work. This is what Step 3 is about.

Step 4

New Value Network

Step 4 is necessary to align future decisions with new metrics arising from changing the view of reality. Jobs-To-Be-Done as a new way of perceiving customers also change sources of value creation and profit, on which decisions are based on.

Step 5

Team Power

Step 5's objective is to identify which skills and characteristics are already available distributed over the entire team, but not used in the company today. And - much more important -  how these can be raised and effectively applied in the future.