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The end of a mystery

Innovation and disruption are not about luck

How to develop an easy to apply 5 step project-framework by merging best of breed innovation and disruption theories.

This is how it works

Innovation Equation

We believe in the strategic potential of purpose-driven human creativity and self-determination...

... which in companies remains untouched far too often. This problem can be solved by a thoughtful three-dimensional approach.

This is how it works

60 day mission

5 steps to get an Innovation Project on track 



Aquila Software


Aquila: three-dimensional guidance system for strategic innovation approaches

Managing innovation requires sophisticated thinking processes and a three-dimensional environment. Dealing with complexity people often tend to accept or force apparent solutions just to get things done. Thereby a fatal effect occurs: the solutions deviate  from reality and are doomed to failure.

Aquila software brings the human thinking patterns into line with the current level of complexity arising from reality.

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Dimension 1

Rescue mission for innovation projects

9 of 10 innovation projects do need a maintenance mission: capture, fix and release it on the right trajectory.

The first step into the Jobs-To-Be-Done world is our JTBD Check. How it works, you can find out here:

JobsTalk Check

Dimension 2

It's all about your customer's progress

The only relevant KPI for innovation projects is your customer's progress: all company activities and procedures have to contribute or say goodbye.

Dimension 3

Strategic potential of human creativity

We don't need countless creative workshops or esoteric activities. The innovation cycle of the future will be powered by purpose-driven human creativity and self-determination.